Xtreme and D. Coffey Foundation for Athletics and Education provides sponsorship to athletes who have personal and financial challenges that are preventing them from getting a higher education and changing the trajectory of their life. Our mission is to help these deserving individuals get scholarships to go to college by sponsoring them in Showcase Games.

We will get the athletes mentally and physically prepared to succeed and stand by them every step of the way. We will cover the cost to participate in the showcase games, and if needed, we will provide the necessary apparel so the athlete can show up with confidence and high self-esteem. We want their only concern to be – showing up and showing off their exceptional talent and skills to the scouts.

The sponsorships will be awarded to high school student-athletes who demonstrate academic excellence, moral character, and the willingness to serve others by giving back to their community. The student athlete will be selected based on their academic performance, score on the Athletic Coping Inventory, recommendation letters, financial need, essay, and an interview.

The sponsorship amount will vary depending on the location of the showcase games and their needs. However, the full amount will be covered by the Foundation.

Mental Skills Training will give athletes the competitive edge by building confidence, managing anxiety, setting goals, dealing with adversity, developing a growth mindset, and more! This training will teach athletes how to persevere and break the self-defeating behaviors that hold them back from soaring to the top in sport and life.

D. Coffey Foundation will also provide one-on-one personal training to develop the athlete’s physical skills so they can perform a cut above the rest. This training will be individualized and tailored to the athletes' specific needs, which will enhance their chances of standing out and being selected by scouts.

Education is a must; whether it is formal education, online courses, or mentorship, they will get what they need the way that they need it to excel. We have qualified teachers and highly trained tutors to help the children in any subject that is not an A. Yes, we are striving for excellence.

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PERSONAL training

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In partnership with WNBA, NBA, and the Women’s Sports Foundation, the D. Coffey Foundation will bring the first to market in our area an initiative to inspire the next generation of girls to play basketball in a positive and healthy way. We will teach them important essential life skills using WNBA players as role models.



Our services are designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to care for themselves. With individualized plans, our focus is to build on the strengths and propel you forward to a “good life.” On and off the court.

We recognize everyone may not want to go to college, and we respect that. We will introduce the athletes to various business opportunities and help them turn their side hustle into a business. The ultimate goal is to be successful in Sport and Life.


We take a holistic approach to player development and sponsor them in showcase games so they can be seen by scouts and get scholarships for college.



We recognize individuals may need services that are not under our umbrella. We have partnered with and created an extensive resource list of providers to position ourselves to meet every need. We have accountable coaches that will link them to the service and assist them in following through. Yes, we are a full-service Foundation that goes the extra steps to provide a holistic approach to their development.


Why Give?

Why Give?


The Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) stated in the headline of their article, “Low-Income Students Cannot Afford 95 Percent of Colleges.” The report used the Lumina Foundation’s Affordability Benchmark and revealed: “how unaffordable college is for low-income, working-class, and middle-class Americans.”

According to data from Fidelity seven in ten parents are saving money for college. This number is down from 72% two years back. Only 29% of parents are planning to pay for their children to go to college; this is down from 43%. The average parents expect to pay only 62% of their child’s total college costs, and this is down from 70% two years ago. Even those parents who plan to pay for college may not be able to, and teens are not prepared to assume this responsibility.

This is Why.

As a community, we must take responsibility to help our children. The African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” is more critical now than ever. The D. Coffey Foundation for Athletics and Education will break the chains of generational poverty and low-income living using sport as a platform to help our children get in college.

Our initiative will teach the children mental skills to enhance their physical abilities. The Foundation will cover the cost for student-athletes to participate in games where they can be seen by college scouts. The Foundation will assist with personal needs, academic, sport-specific coaching, and personal training, to ensure they are fully prepared to compete.

And best of all, we will be with them every step of the way and continue to support them in college. After college, we ask the student-athletes to join focuses with the Foundation to help us continue to serve their community and help other deserving student-athletes build their wings and soar to the top.

What Can You Do To Help?

College Unaffordability Deters Success

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What Can You Do To Help?

You probably know that college athletes are not paid for the time and energy they dedicate to the sport. At the same time, these students need to survive and make a life for themselves.Even worse is the fact that there are not many programs that sponsor student-athletes throughout their time in high school and college which makes it even more difficult for these talented individuals to survive.

With no programs to sponsor students, athletes do not get a chance to be seen in showcase games by scouts who could potentially help them by giving them the scholarship to attend college.

Coaches Have Played a Vital Role in Getting Children in College.

Coaches have been doing a great job as many students have been beneficiaries of the resources, money, and time of coaches. When coaches notice something special in a child, they often do everything within their power to ensure that the child’s ability is not wasted.

Sometimes, they ensure that the students get to college using their own resources. This often puts a strain on them and yet, it is a communal responsibility to ensure that children get what is best for them.

What Can the Community Do?

The community can come together and help our children by supporting the D. Coffey Foundation for Athletics and Education. This Foundation was formed with the sole purpose of improving the mental, physical and intellectual needs of student-athletes to help them get in, stay in and get through college.

Using sport as our platform, the Foundation will get the children closer to their dream of getting into college and breaking the chains of generational poverty and low-income living.

The Foundation will cover the cost associated with participating in games where they can be seen by college scouts. Additionally, as beneficiaries, the Foundation will help with personal training, mental skills training, academic assistance, and other needs as they arise to ensure their success.

The Foundation will arm the students in all spheres of their academic and sport life; they will be better prepared for college and armed with the skills to be successful and enjoy abundant living.

When they get to college, the Foundation will still be there to hold their hands especially throughout the freshmen year when they will need someone the most.

After college, it is our hope that they will join focuses with the Foundation to help support other up and coming student-athletes strengthen their wings and soar to the top with us. This is how we, meaning all of us, break the chains of generational poverty and low-income living.

Let’s Play Together!

Working to help our children succeed is fun when we play/work together!

The ultimate goal is to Live Well in Sport and Life.

Through the launch of the D. Coffey Foundation for Athletic and Education, children will be able to strike a meaningful balance between sport and education.

By supporting the Foundation, you are paving the way for a more empowered and strong generation that will break the chains that are holding them back and change their mindset so they can go after their birthright – abundant living.

This Foundation is, therefore, a glimmer of hope for a better future that can include the whole community and even the entire world.

College Unaffordability Deters success

College is unaffordable to many children in the middle and lower-income brackets in the United States, a study by the Institute for Higher Education revealed in 2017.

The study reports that 95% of the colleges are too expensive for students whose families fall in the lower-income bracket. Only students from wealthier homes have an advantage as they can afford up to 90% of the colleges in the US. The statistics show the dire situation that is quickly developing into a nightmare for most American students.

Students Faced with Bleak Options for Financing College
Not attending college has its consequences for the youth. These students face an uncertain future because most well-paying jobs require a college degree. This is not to say college is everything, but it is a definite advantage for starters.

With state and federal funding rolling back significantly as the cost of attaining a degree gets higher every day, these students are quickly running out of luck as these policies have resulted in the crippling of millions of students who cannot afford college.

Interestingly, the U.S student loan debt has remained significantly high, and as of 2016, the average American student owes $37,172 in student loan debt.

The Pell Grant has always been a significant source of funding for students from the United States. As such, funding for this grant has risen but not proportionally with the rising costs associated with affording a college education, making it difficult for most students to afford college.

For instance, for a student from the lower-income bracket to afford college, they have to be able to raise money up to 100 times the income of their family. The higher-income students, on the other hand, have to finance an average of 15% of their income. Some students are even not expected to save for college at all as they come from families whose income is less than 200% of the Federal Poverty line, making their chances of joining college even thinner.

How Are Students Who Do Not Attend College Affected?

Apart from being unable to qualify for well-paying jobs, there are other effects of being unable to afford college. The students who are unable to afford college are ripped apart from their peers who progress to get higher education and good jobs, causing them to feel left out as they struggle to continue living life with their families at home.

Eventually, even the most vibrant and intelligent students who are forced out of college as a result of the system are affected. The self-esteem and self-worth of these students are affected so much that sometimes they cannot recover from it and will always be haunted by the ghosts of a life that would have been.

Every child should be able to go to college if they desire to do so, but for now, that is a shot in the dark for many of them.

Being able to get a quality education is essential because it opens the doors for more significant opportunities not only for the students but their families as well.

It is, therefore, important that ways are made so that generational chains of poverty and low-income living are broken for the redemption of our children, the families, and the community.

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