As a result of the Social Emotional Readiness program the D. Coffey Foundation will develop thoughtful, healthy and kind individuals who can make a significant impact on mankind as they grow.

We combine mental health, tutoring and the five core social emotional learning skills to bring about this transformation. Focusing on self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills and decision making will help our children will soar.


Social Emotional Readiness Program

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Program Details

  • Social Emotional Learning
    Social Awareness
    Relationship Skills
  • Mental Health
    Individualized Plans
  • Tutoring

Dates & Locations

1st Semester: February - May
2nd Semester: September - December
Coffey Courts & Event Center
5130 Lee Massey Rd.
Waxhaw, NC 28173

Scholarships Available

If you want your child to be the best version of themselves, this program is for them.

We are awarding $1000 Scholarships to the first 50 children that qualify.

The Criteria
1. They must be in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade
2. They must be open to learning new things
3. They must be open to working as a team

Click Here to Apply for a Scholarship

Click Here to Apply for a Scholarship

Meet the Team

Dr. Delice Coffey
Founder & CEO

John Tillman, MBA
Program Director

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Learn More about John

Shirley Bailey-Holmes
Executive Assistant

Parthenia L. Rice

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Learn More about Parthenia

Licensed Zumba Kids Instructor

Meet the Team

Dr. Delice Coffey
Founder & CEO

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I am Dr. Delice Coffey, and I specialize in sport and clinical psychology. I am a native of Waxhaw, North Carolina, and a successful business owner who continues to improve the world around me through my work and dedication. I have spent many years of education and business preparation to develop Living Well Sport & Life and the D. Coffey Foundation for Athletics and Education. I am dedicated to improving overall well-being both mentally and physically by working with the athlete as a whole person. I have created a system to empower individuals educationally, mentally, and physically to be the best version of themselves so that they can soar to the top in sport and life.

I have spent over 35 years with clients in my private practice and students in the school system. I have worked as the team Psychologist for Union County Xtreme AAU basketball team, Hillside High School basketball team, and Hillside High School football team. I volunteer a great deal of my time to the D. Coffey Foundation for Athletics & Education and with the WNBA and Jr. NBA Her Time to Play program. 

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and my Master of Arts (with honors) in Clinical Psychology from North Carolina Central University. I received a doctoral degree (with honors) in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Western States and a doctoral degree from a non-APA Clinical Psychology program.

I earned a certification in Reality Therapy from the Institute for Reality Therapy under Dr. William Glasser's tutelage – the creator and founder of Reality Therapy. I have worked as a graduate assistant at my Alma Mater in Advanced General Psychology and an adjunct professor in General Psychology. I am a Licensed Psychological Associate and a Certified Mental Game Coach Professional. I also hold a certification in sport-fitness psychology, behavioral therapy, and cognitive therapy. My psychology background, certifications, coupled with my sport-fitness expertise, makes me uniquely qualified to teach sport performance skills to athletes on all levels successfully.

While completing my studies and performing research, I became a member of the Psi Chi Honor Society and was recognized as one of the Outstanding Young Women of America. I was awarded recognition in the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, and I worked as a research associate at Duke University Medical Center.

John Tillman, MBA
Program Director

Learn More about John

John Tillman has been called a Social Entrepreneur. Armed with a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from The University of Texas and a Certification as an Economic Development Finance Professional, John has always sought to apply his knowledge and expertise in ways that address social needs and enhance the quality of life for others.

In 1998, John read a headline that stated that 55% of African American males in the county where he grew up were performing below grade level on end of grade tests putting them at risk of failing and dropping out of school. Appalled and unwilling to sit idly by, John developed a tutoring company to offer professional educational services in a supportive environment. Services included academic assessments, study skills training, one on one tutoring, computer training and

SAT Prep. By partnering with schools and other social services agencies, John found a way to make high quality, individualized services available and affordable for students with the highest needs and lowest amount of resources. More than 90% of participants in his programs achieved passing scores on end of grade exams.

Upon discovering that a number of communities were not receiving much needed mental health services, John founded what grew to become one of the largest and most respected, community-based mental health companies in the state. Using a franchise model, John eventually established offices in 13 cities and employed approximately 400 psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, case managers, educators and other behavioral staff.

In addition to founding four companies, John’s professional experience includes serving as Chief Executive Officer for a management consulting firm, executive director of a community development corporation, counselor and program manager for a career and leadership development company, business and marketing instructor for a community college, and business coach and consultant for small and mid-sized businesses, and mentor to dozens of entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.

John has served on numerous state and local boards and committees including the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Health, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Cultural Competency Committee, North Carolina Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council, United Way Board of Directors, Union County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, South Piedmont Community College Board, and Union Academy Charter School Board.

In 1992 John had the distinguished honor of representing the United States of America at the 1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona Spain. He competed in the Triple Jump of Track and Field.

Shirley Bailey-Holmes
Executive Assistant

Learn More about Shirley

Shirley Bailey-Holmes brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the team. She has an extensive background in business administration, with most of her work with the Department of the Navy. With over 20 years of experience, Mrs. Holmes has mastered many skills, such as Microsoft Excel, attention to detail, critical thinking, conflict resolution, contract negotiation, customer relations, office management, and more.

Mrs. Holmes is a knowledgeable Government Contracting Officer/Purchasing Agent with expertise in small purchase procedures and Government-Wide Purchase Cards. She is dedicated to overall business success and adept at supporting all staff’s internal and external customer needs. She is also versatile in supply chain management bringing expertise in Government Contracting Procedures, Commercial Software Licensing, including End User License Agreements, Blanket Purchase Agreements, General Service Agreements (GSA), and supporting the needs of a busy office.

Mrs. Holmes has many accomplishments under her belt.

∙ Awarded “Technical Employee of the Year” for outstanding contracting and administrative support.
∙ Implemented Software Improvement procedures and guidelines for the Naval Postgraduate School Software program with a team of Staff members, Managers, and Professors.
∙ Received Directors Cash Award for exemplary service during the Fiscal Year ending 2015.
∙ Awarded by the Department of the Army for Outstanding Support to Army Substance Program Clinical Services Division 2010.

In addition to her accomplishments, she has the following certifications:

∙ Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Level II Certified Purchasing Agent for the Contracts and Logistics Management Directorate, Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Monterey, CA 93943 (1994)
∙ Government Contract Law; Effective Communication for Executive Leadership; Resourcing for Fiscal Law; Federal Acquisition Regulation Procedures; Contingency Contracting; Economics for Organizational Behavior; Service Contracting; Contract Negotiations (2015)
∙ University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine, Forensic Addictions Corrections Treatment certificate (FACT) (2004)
∙ Career Readiness for Financial Records (QuickBooks) 2018
∙ Basic Excel (Jan 2019)
∙ Excel Specialist Certificate (March 2019)
∙ Excel VLOOKUP (Feb 2019) and Excel Pivot Tables (Feb 2019)

Parthenia L. Rice
Licensed Zumba Kids Instructor

Learn More about Parthenia

Parthenia L. Rice brings high energy and enthusiasm to the team. She is a native of Waxhaw, North Carolina, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina.

Ms. Rice is a former athlete and dancer. She cheered for Western Union School and Parkwood High School basketball and football teams. She played softball with Durham Recreation Center and completed three 5K races. In the last 5K, Ms. Rice beat her personal best and was among the highest runners in her age group. She has a health and wellness business – My Body Boutique- that helped her lose and keep off 30 pounds.

During Ms. Rice’s college days, she danced with the famous Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble group. Ms. Rice was one of the original dancers with the group. Given her love for sports and dance, she became a licensed Zumba teacher for adults and children.

She enjoys Zumba because it is a Latin-inspired dance fitness. It incorporates Latin and international music along with dance movements. She has created a dynamic, exhilarating, and effective class for children and adults. With a special certification in Zumba for Kids, this type of body movement is fun for children educationally and physically.

Research has shown that movement benefits children’s academic performance and improves their behavior. In the same context, incorporating body movement into programs will keep students engaged and excited about learning.

Zumba for Kids is a popular class combining dance and aerobics elements. With their favorite music, kids learn to move, listen to the rhythm, exercise their bodies, and improve their health. Zumba for Kids will benefit the children’s growth and protect them from many problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. It will increase flexibility, improve neuromuscular coordination, boost self-confidence and self-esteem, and is a perfect stress reliever for children. Zumba for Kids movement will also help students retain the content more, ignite brain areas and improve neuron connections.

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