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Each Athlete will collect pledges from various people. These people will sign up to pay a pledged fee for each free-throw made out of 100 free throw attempts. Once the 100 free throws have been shot and the number of made free throws is determined, the player will collect the pledge money from those who sponsored them. Coach Joe’s Free-Throw-A-Thon date will be scheduled on a Saturday in September at a location to be determined. When scheduled, mark your calendars and save the date!

All monies raised will go towards the participants’ prizes and fund the student-athltes’ Black Card for the sponsorship.

The purpose of this amazing event is the offer a hand up to a deserving athlete who what to break the chains of generational poverty and low-income living by going to college.

To make this a commitment from the community in which we will serve. Listed below are some things to maximize everyone’s effort:

Where to Get Pledges:
Coach Joe’s Free-Throw-A-Thon is the easiest fundraiser ever. All that a participant needs to do is get pledges from people. The participant should seek out family members, friends from school and work, athletes from other sports, teachers, members of your church, neighbors, and social clubs, etc. You can even have your friends ask their friends, basically, anyone who you know or want to know, or ask your friends and family to help you get pledges from the people they know. Parents can get pledges from people at their workplace, their friends, neighbors, church, etc.

Straight Donations Are Accepted: If someone would rather just give a straight donation rather than make a per-free-throw pledge, that is ok too. The amount of the donation can be added to your total amount raised once the shooting has ended and the pledges are secured.

How to Encourage People to Pledge: The easiest way to be successful at getting people to pledge is to give them an example of what it will cost them. Tell them, as an example, when you shoot your 100 free throws and if you make 50 free throws – if they had pledged $.75 per free throw made, they will owe you $37.50 for their pledge. At $1.00 a free throw, their total donation would be $50.00 on 50 free throws made.

The Mechanics of How it Works: Once someone says they will make a pledge, fill out the information about the pledge and the person who made it onto Coach Joe’s Free-Throw-A-Thon form. You’ll need the pledge’s name, phone number, and either email or physical address to advise them once the shooting has completed and the amount they owe. When you have all your pledges recorded, go to your shooting place on the assigned day and shoot 100 free throws, record the free throws made on the form.
Download Pledge Form

Once the Coach’s Joe Free-Throw-A-Thon is done, go to all the people who pledged and collect the money from your pledges or they may pay online. Then turn in the pledge form with the amounts to the D. Coffey Foundation team manager. If a pledge person wants to write a check, make it out to D. Coffey Foundation and mailed to 4819 Emperor Blvd, Suite 400, Durham, NC 27703.


The Virtual Coach Joe Free Throw-A-Thon can be done anywhere and any time! You can complete your free throws on your own time, in the community gym, your school gym, or the goal in your backyard. Anywhere as long as you get it done AND video yourself!

Each participant will collect pledges from various people. They can either donate a flat amount or pledge an amount for each free throw made out of 100. Once the 100 free throws have been shot, and the number of made free throws is determined, the participant will collect the pledge money from those who sponsored them.

EVERYONE is Welcome to Participate!

  1. Ask your friends and family to register!
  2. No Training Needed! Download the Coach Joe’s Free Throw-A-Thon pledge sheet and fill it up!
  3. Plan ahead. When you will do your free throws? Choose a location. Do not forget to get the sponsors’ pledges before you start.
  4. Connect with others on your team, in the community, and in your family. Connect with others to get support and most of all to have fun!
  5. Hit the court! It does not matter your pace, location, or time you shoot. Just get it in! Post your virtual photos and comment in the FB group at
  6. Once you have completed all of your attempts, upload your form below and start collecting the money from your sponsors. The sponsors can give the money to you to mail a money order in or they can submit it online at drdcoffey.com/donate.

All monies raised will go towards the participants prizes and to our Endowed Sponsorship fund.