Where to Get Pledges

This amazing event offers a hand-up to deserving athletes who want to break the chains of generational poverty and low-income living.

To make this a successful event, below are some ways to maximize your efforts.

Coach Joe’s Free-Throw-A-Thon is the easiest fundraiser ever. All participants have to do is get pledges from people. The participant should seek out family members, friends from school and work, athletes from other sports, teachers, members of your church, neighbors, social clubs, etc.

You can even have your friends ask their friends, basically, anyone you know or want to know. You can ask your friends and family to help you get pledges from the people they know. Parents can get pledges from people at their workplace, friends, neighbors, church, etc.

How to Encourage People to Pledge

The easiest way to be successful at getting people to pledge is to give them an example of what it will cost them. Tell them, as an example, when you shoot your 100 free throws and if you make 50 free throws – if they had pledged $1.00 per free throw made, they will owe you $50.00 for their pledge.

The Mechanics of How it Works

Once someone says they will pledge, fill out the pledge form. You’ll need the pledge’s name, phone number, email, and physical address to advise them once the shooting has been completed and the amount they owe. When you have all your pledges recorded, go to your shooting place and shoot 100 free throws. Record the free throws made on the bottom of the pledge form.

Go to all the people who pledged and collect the money from your pledges, or they may pay online at XtremeBallers.com/Donate. Then upload the pledge form with the amounts or upload it here. If a pledge person wants to send a money order, make it out to D. Coffey Foundation and mailed to 4819 Emperor Blvd, Suite 400, Durham, NC 27703.

Become a Sponsor or Donate Today!

If someone would rather give a straight donation than make a per-free-throw pledge, that is ok too. Tell them to go to XtremeBallers.com/Donate to donate.

Straight Donations are Accepted