Basketball Mental Skills Article

Pre-Game Routine To Focus

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out“. John Wooten

The preparation to become a great football player stretches far past the field and the weight room.

In order for a player to truly meet their full potential, they must also spend deliberate time and energy, focusing on building their mental game.

The mental game of football is the determining factor between winners and losers.

All players should give priority to developing a strong mental mindset and maintaining a positive attitude. Controlling emotions and eliminating doubts is crucial to becoming successful.

Learning to focus in the moment and maintain a positive mindset will cause past shortcomings to fade immediately. This is imperative to gaining mental strength.

One method to improve your mental game is to utilize a pre-game routine before every game that not only focuses on loosening muscles but also releasing thoughts and stresses from anything outside the present moment.

What Is A Pre-Game Routine

A pre-performance routine is defined as ‘Sequence of task-relevant thoughts and actions which an athlete engages in systematically prior to his or her performance of a specific sport skill’(Moran 1996).

According to this definition, a routine needs to be task-specific, systematic and engaged in for it to enhance your performance.

Research has shown that players who use pre-game routines in football have enhanced their overall performance.

Why Use A Pre-Game Routine

According to the literature, elite athletes that use pre-game routines have elevated their performance to the next level.

Pre-game routines enable you to prepare for all areas of the game. It empowers you to be mentally and physically ready to perform your best.

A pre-game routine creates a mindset that allows you to perform consistently.

It sharpens your focus and helps you to develop images of what can be possible. It will help you reduce the thoughts of things that are out of your control and help you stay relaxed and focused on what is important – the process of winning.

How Pre-Game Routine Increase Focus

Focus is a critical part of your success.

When you sharpen your focus, you develop a clear vision of what you want the results to be. This process will help you get in the zone and stay there longer.

A pre-game routine will help you build your confidence and with unshakeable confidence, you will focus better.

All athletes are different; therefore, it is crucial that you create your own pre-game routine so it will fit your personality.

Some athletes like music to “pumped up” them up, while others may prefer a quiet place to collect their thoughts.

Neither way is right or wrong.

When you are mentally ready to play, you have a better vision of the game, which allows your mind and body to be in sync.

Improve your focus, elevate your game, and win championships!

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