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A Coffey Note

Physical is part of it and mental is the heart of it.” Dr. Delice Coffey



What is a Coffey Note?

A Coffey Note is a brief informational blog on a topic that will help you enhance your performance and elevate your game so you can soar to the top.


  • Do you perform up to your full potential in Basketball games consistently?
  • Do you find it hard to concentrate and stay focus?
  • Do you lack mental toughness in Basketball?

If you have difficulty with these, this Coffey Note will point you in the right direction.

Below are some reasons players do not perform well in games:

1. Lack of confidence – not believing in your ability to perform.

2. Fear of Failure – avoid taking a risk, afraid to make mistakes, so you perform tentative.

3. Concern about Others – you are afraid to disappoint others, concerned about others judging you and your performance.

4. Pressure of game time – you want to win so badly that you focus on the end result and not the process.

5. Lack of Pregame Mental Preparation – you do not have a pre-game routine to perform consistently.

No matter how much you practice physically, if you lack confidence, are afraid of failing, concern about what others are saying, along with the other reasons above, you will not be able to reach optimal performance in basketball unless you develop and practice on your mental game.

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