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Mistakes Be Gone-Learn How

“I know that I’m never as good or bad as any single performance. I’ve never believed my critics or my worshippers, and I’ve always been able to leave the game at the arena” Charles Barkley

Why do some of the most intelligent athletes limit their success?

It all goes back to the unconscious — negative — everyday thoughts.

Irrational thoughts can get in anyone’s way of success on the basketball court and damage their confidence.

According to sports psychology for basketball, self-limiting means allowing our senses to define our world or allowing our perceptions to limit our growth.

What Are Self-Limiting Beliefs?

Self-limiting beliefs are those which constrain your mind in some way.

There are two common self–limiting beliefs:

1. I am not good enough.
2. I can’t do it.

These self-sabotaging beliefs hinder you from moving forward. They are nothing but excuses for lack of willingness to change a behavior that inhibits your success.

However, you can use mental skills strategies to stop these thoughts from undermining your confidence.

The Manifestation of Limiting Beliefs

Did you know that limiting beliefs manifest in your life in various ways?

Some of the manifestations of limiting beliefs are:

• Self-Doubt: I don’t think I can do it.
• Fear: Afraid you will not succeed, so you don’t do it.
• Mental Blocks, i.e., Unwanted thoughts.
• Procrastination: I will do it later syndrome.
• Lack of Self-Esteem: Inability to believe in yourself.
• Lack of Self-Confidence: Inability to believe in your judgment and decisions

However, deeply ingrained beliefs can indeed be mistaken for facts. These beliefs are often nothing more than conclusions you have drawn based on your past experiences.

How to Re-Frame Your Mind

1. Acknowledge your self-limiting beliefs: The first step is, to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself what limiting beliefs you have. Take a piece of paper and write down the self-limiting beliefs that you think are hindering your growth.
2. Search for the core reasons for those beliefs: After you have listed all the self-limiting beliefs, try to understand the reasons why you have those beliefs.
3. Arm yourself with new empowering beliefs: After acknowledging the self-limiting beliefs, re-frame them into new positive beliefs. Start forming new beliefs that will serve you well. Choose your new beliefs carefully because these new beliefs will manifest in your life.
5. Change your vocabulary.
6. Reprogram your mind.
7. Act on your new beliefs: Start acting like you are the new person that has all these positive beliefs inside of you. It may be hard at first, so keep at it. It might take weeks or months, but you will get there with proper dedication.

Finally, focus on the important tasks regardless of how many obstacles you face.

Your habits form the foundation of your mental beliefs and ultimately set you apart. This is why your mental beliefs are essential.

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