Basketball Mental Skills Article

Dealing with Frustration-The Mental Side

Most of my learning and philosophy regarding coaching was developed after great frustration.” Dick Bernett

Frustration is a challenging emotion to deal with, no matter what part of life it is in – on or off the court. In basketball, relationships, or a job, frustration can cause many mental and behavioral changes. These changes and emotions must be addressed appropriately to succeed in basketball and life.

One way to effectively deal with frustration on the court is through mental skills training.

It is easy to become frustrated when a teammate is not getting the ball to you when you are wide open or someone on the other team commits an unnecessary foul that would have put your team ahead in the championship game.

Basketball psychology is something that is real and can be very helpful.

When frustration arises on the court, a player will make fouls or create chaos among the team.

Being mentally prepared is extremely important.

Being mentally prepared to handle situations without creating havoc for you or the team is essential.

This is where sport psychology for basketball comes into play.

If a player is having a continual hard time controlling the mental part of the game, this indicates that it is time to step back, breathe, and refocus.

If the coach is trained to handle this type of problem, they can talk to the players and help them focus on the execution of each play instead of focusing on what is going wrong on the court.

On the other hand, if a coach is not trained in this area, a mental game coach can certainly help.

Learning to let “it” go will help you deal with frustration on the court.

If a play falls apart or a player is wide open for a shot, and his teammate doesn’t see him, letting it go and moving on quickly will benefit the team the best.

It’s all about letting go and refocusing quickly.

Mentally and emotionally, if a player cannot let go of a blown play and move on to the next play, their frustrations will build up and cause more problems and bad plays.

This is when regaining composure quickly and being mentally tough counts the most

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