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Focus Like A Champion

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.”-Michael Jordan.

The loss of physical ability among basketball players does not occur overnight.

Sports psychology for basketball suggests that performance changes are mainly due to the fluctuation in cognitive processes rather than physical changes.

The loss of focus and attention is likely to result in poor performance.

It is, therefore, important for athletes to ensure that they can maintain focus at the beginning, the middle, and the end of the game, as their ability to focus at these times significantly affect outcomes.

Keep reading to understand how the level of focus can influence outcomes in basketball and how you can learn to be in the moment.

Focus Affects Performance

As a basketball player, it is essential to understand your focus style.

There are two main focus styles. Internal focus and external focus.

• Internal focus. Players with internal focus tend to perform best when consistently focusing on the sport during competition. These players focus on specific cues and rule out all the others to stay focused. They quickly lose focus if they take their mind off the sport and will often have trouble bringing their focus back to the game when they have to play against other teams.
• External focus. The players with external focus tend to perform better when focusing on other things besides the sport/game.

However, this is not to say that these individuals do not focus on the game. Players with an external focus style tend to focus on the sport when they are about to start playing. Sometimes, they must take their mind off the game to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Many players and coaches think that having an internal focus style is best. However, this is not the case because basketball psychology has determined that players with external focus tend to perform better.

However, all the focus styles can yield rewards. This is why players are encouraged to understand which style is theirs and use the knowledge to improve their performance.

How To Maximize Focus Under Pressure

To maximize focus under pressure, you must identify and use your focus style to learn.

If you are a player whose style is mainly internal, it may help you to focus on the game and keep your eyes on the court. In this way, you will avoid any unnecessary obstructions in the crowd.

If your style is more external, it may be helpful to look outside the confines of the court to help maintain focus.

For instance, it may be helpful to look at your coach as the affirmation that he is watching may help you maintain focus. This will not only help to improve your mental game in basketball but your basketball mental toughness as well.

Being Present In The Moment

Being in the present may mean different things for a player with an internal or external focus. However, focusing on the present only helps you as an athlete to pose the best performance.

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