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How Affirmations Improve Performance

I am improving my game day and I am unstoppable.

Affirmations are positive statements that empower you to have confidence on and off the court.

More specifically, it is a carefully formatted “I am” statement written down and repeated quite often.

For affirmations to be effective, they must be written and said in the present tense and be positive, personal, and specific.

Having a positive mental attitude while saying affirmations will help you achieve success.

Affirmations are a great tool to help athletes during practice and games. Moreover, according to basketball psychology, affirmations can help athletes play better.

How to Write an Affirmation

Writing affirmations does not have to be a difficult task. Below, I have simplified the process for you.

• Write short affirmations as they are easy to remember.
• The best affirmations start with “I am.” Use these words at the beginning of your statements.
• Generate affirmations that will work for you.
• You may use affirmations you have heard or read, and you can change existing affirmations and make them specific to you.
• Ensure your affirmations do not contain the words like need and want. Instead, affirm that you are grateful for having achieved your goals.

How Affirmations Improve Performance

Affirmations raise the confidence of athletes, which in turn improves the way they perform on the court.

Affirmations are a great way to eradicate frustrations and doubt before a game and practice, which helps mental awareness and better teamwork.

Affirmations help improve basketball mental toughness as affirmations help erase negative thoughts from the mind.

When You Should Say Affirmations

Any time a negative thought or doubt enters your mind, say an affirmation. Saying affirmations before games give players the will to play better no matter what happens.

Affirmations can also be helpful when said before practice. When said before practice, players can get closer to their objectives, focus better, and they are more able to transfer the skills to the game.

Players and coaches who say affirmations as part of their routine before a game have a higher success rate.

The mind is vital to winning.

It is, therefore, important that players learn the positive effect that affirmations can have on their performance, implement it, and use it regularly.

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