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The D. Coffey Foundation for Athletics & Education

“It takes a Village to change lives; we want YOU to be a part of ours.” Dr. Delice Coffey

Did you read my article in the July OTB Magazine about the student athlete we helped turn her life around and get a scholarship to college?

In that article, I talked about our commitment to helping the student-athlete and her brother on all levels. Shamiya (the student-athlete) lost her mother to cancer, and her behavior in school and performance on the court declined. She started hanging around with questionable people and doing questionable things.

Long story short, The D. Coffey Foundation for Athletics & Education rallied around Shamiya and gave her the social, emotional, and physical support she needed. As a result, she turned her life around and got a scholarship to college.
While we have made some great strides, The D. Coffey Foundation still has much to accomplish, and we need your help.

Will you consider donating to our Endowed Sponsorship Fund if you have not already this year? No amount is too small.

If you have any questions, I will happily provide more information or hop on a Zoom call.

Your contribution will be used to sponsor underserved student-athletes in showcase games so they can be seen by scouts and get college scholarships. This is where the gap is; they cannot afford to be on a showcase team. Therefore, they are never seen; hence, they do not have the opportunity to get a scholarship.

Please join us! With your donation, we are one step closer to helping a deserving child.

Go to DrDCoffey.com/Donate and give from the heart.

With Much Gratitude,
Dr. Delice Coffey
CEO & Founder


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