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The D. Coffey Foundation for Athletics & Education

“It takes a Village to change lives; we want YOU to be a part of ours.” Dr. Delice Coffey

I want to take a minute to update you on what The D. Coffey Foundation for Athletics & Education has been doing.

In January, the Town of Mineral Springs awarded the Foundation a grant to provide services to elementary school children.

We chose to create and implement a Social-Emotional Readiness Program.

The program provided:

* Kids Zumba by a licensed Kids Zumba Instructor.
* Healthy snacks to properly refuel their little bodies.
* Homework assistance
* Mental Health support and
* Social-Emotional Skills

We awarded 13 scholarships and had a good mixture of students across the socioeconomic spectrum.

Check out what one of the parents said:
“Camden loved this program last semester and benefited tremendously. This program helped him develop his social and emotional skills and to help transform him from an introverted to extroverted life”.

It was an honor to have the opportunity to provide this much-needed service to elementary school children.

As we close out this event, we are preparing for our next event (the Coach Joe Free-Throw-A-Thon) so we can continue serving our youth and helping them soar!

We look forward to your support as we continue to serve the children who need us the most.

With Much Gratitude,
Dr. Delice Coffey
Psychologist &
Mental Game Coach


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